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At Vanessa Murray Speech Pathology we provide evidence based diagnosis and management of voice, speech, language and communication disorders to a broad clientele. We provide both pediatric and adult clinical services in Ivanhoe, and at Northside Clinic in North Fitzroy. Home & school visits are also available upon request.

We have recently updated our services to provide discreet telehealth (videoconferencing) sessions for clients who live in remote areas or are unable to visit the clinic in person.


Our process begins with an initial consultation. We conduct a thorough assessment of your presenting condition and establish goals for further sessions where necessary. In each follow up session we introduce you to a number of new strategies and exercises, to be carried over into home practice.

We generally keep our sessions to 45 minutes to allow for optimal engagement and learning, and to reduce the occurrence of muscular & vocal fatigue.

Comprehensive assessment and treatment reports are available on request. Prices will vary according to the type & length of assessment or treatment.

A referral is not necessary to see a speech pathologist, although your GP may wish to provide you with one. Where necessary, referrals may be made to other professionals or external stakeholders. 

The rebate you receive will vary from one private health insurance agency to the other, and will depend on your level of cover. Please contact your insurer to discuss further.

Block 1


We provide fun and functional 1:1 sessions for children with speech and sound disorders, developmental delays such as autism, swallowing difficulties, and voice disorders. ESL and second language acquisition training is also available

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Block 2


We assist with therapy and management of voice disorders, second language acquisition, receptive and expressive language disorders, apraxia of speech, dysphagia, and voice & communication training for the trans population

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Block 3


Learn more about speech, language, voice, communication & swallowing from Speech Pathology Australia


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Monday to Wednesday  9am to 5pm

Monday to Wednesday 9am to 5pm

Thursday to Friday 10am to 6pm